AIG has a comprehensive training concept: It offers the entire range of training that a security professional needs for all the phases in the use of force. By combining the training concept with our experience, innovation, team of instructors, state-of-the-art training equipment and resources, we are able to create the best professional training offering in the field of security.

When two quality concepts from the field of professional security training come together, the result is everything a professional could want. Simply imagine the training programs and the teaching style of the Security Team with all the technical resources for every training area, which are based on:

  • The experience and training programs that are renowned across the country and throughout the world thanks to a number of official
  • The Security Team’s instructors: Professionals in all the branches of the phases in the use of force: legal team (lawyers, public prosecutors, judges, and experts in the use of force) and tactical/technical team (police, military personnel, private security, and emergency physician).
  • State-of-the-art training materials: Stressvest, shocknife, redman, simunition, airsoft, and computerized and mobile impact targets.

What is your Group?

  • Training for police
  • Military personnel
  • Private security
  • Healthcare security
  • ISO Certifications