Security & Defense

At AIG we offer the most complete security and defense solutions in the military and police industry. All this having carefully selected our manufacturers whom we represent both in Mexico and in different Latin American countries.

The only and best proof of concept is the result obtained from the experience of our manufacturers: millions of kilometers traveled, countless lives saved, superior product life or completed missions are some of our guarantees of success.

Security officers and soldiers from different governments in the United States and Europe, among others, have completed their missions safely thanks to the solutions that AIG represents exclusively for Latin America.

Material and safety equipment

AIG specializes in material and equipment for police, military and in private security. Before we represent manufacturers for their commercialization in Latin America, these go through exhaustive tests, all to offer the best guarantees to our end customers, the actual user.

Armament and Accessories

At AIG we have the best manufacturers in this ruble: short weapons, long weapons, accessories to improve your weapon, ammunition, cutlery or chargers, among others. Check everything our portfolio to see everything we can offer to you and your operational team.

Intelligence Solutions

Over the years, AIG has integrated solutions customized to suit the needs of our clients and / or has developed solutions according to customer specifications. We provide governments and useful information, security, and procedures not to contribute to the adoption and implementation of the better decision, preventing and reducing risks .

Civilian, tactical and cargo armored vehicles

AIG selects the best armored vehicle manufacturers in the world to deliver the best end-user experience for any type of threat and requirement. We deal with constantly analyze and evaluate threats, attacks and tactics hostile forces to measure the capabilities of our manufacturers and offer the best guarantees and adaptation to your needs.

Tactical Boats

Our goal at AIG is to provide superior rigid inflatable boats and boats for greater operational and performance effectiveness no matter how dangerous the job is. That's why military and professional operators around the world trust us for their acquisitions. We guarantee inventive designs, meticulous engineering, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality customer service.

Need anything else…??? We have it!!!

At AIG we offer the most security and defense solutions complete data from the military and police industry. All this having carefully selected our manufacturers to whom We represent both in Panama and in different countries of Latin America.

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