American Intelligence Group

AIG – American Intelligence Group is the result of teamwork of highly qualified professionals and experts in different areas such as business administration, consulting, security and training.

AIG was born from the need to unify a large part of the security services that an organization requires in a single interlocutor and trust manager, under this premise We began our journey in Colombia in 2013 with two business units: comprehensive security consulting and police and military training. At the end of 2016, we established the headquarters in Panama with Panamanian, Spanish and United Kingdom shareholders, we added two new business units to our portfolio: cybersecurity & cyberintelligence, where we are partners of the best technology companies in the world and the security area & defense, we currently represent more than 30 top global manufacturers in the sector.

We have our headquarters in the United Mexican States, in the magnificent Mexico City. In addition, we have offices in Colombia, Venezuela and Panama.

In 2021 we evolved towards a specialization of the company in Defense and Cybersecurity, leaving aside the consulting services in security and military and police training. At the end of the year we took the headquarters to Mexico City, given the good growth experienced in the country.


To help clients implement optimal security solutions in their organizations in order to mitigate the risks they are exposed to through the use of personalized assistance in every phase. We work closely with clients and provide services based on follow-up and continuous feedback.


To be one of the references throughout Latin America in both business and government Security and Defense, developing the most extensive network of cooperation between the best local agents in each country and related sector.




Continuous improvement



Our Team

Our team has more than 35 years of industry experience in the region and we help companies of all segments grow with the highest quality and security standards. To reach these goals, we have in place a number of partnership agreements with the most prestigious entities and associations in the world, such as ASIS International.

We help clients make good decisions about people, assets, operations, and security. We adapt our services to the needs of clients and use multidisciplinary methods in complex and critical business analysis processes.

Our Solutions

We offer added-value services to companies and governments throughout Latin America and we work with the best regional partners to maintain the highest standards for clients.

We represent commitment, experience, and professionalism in the areas of innovation, research and continuous improvement. Our aim is to be as effective as possible and to adapt to the social and technological aspects of this constantly changing world in order to offer the information and techniques that best fit the needs of security professionals. All of these aspects make us the best and most reliable security alternative for your business in Latin America.