AIG offers intelligence services that support the corporate development, strategy and investment processes of our clients.

Analyses of interested parties, competitive intelligence and market trends give clients an advantage in any research context. Details about people, partners, executives, and political players help make clear and important decisions in critical situations.

We specialize in obtaining and analyzing information that is difficult to obtain in order to address a company’s risks and improve its strategic and tactical decisions.

We use a global team of highly qualified and technical research professionals with experience in the field and who are able to apply the local political and business circumstances to every situation.

Our team includes all types of professional profiles such as certified accountants, lawyers, former public prosecutors, authorities, intelligence agents, and senior executives.

Since the value of intelligence is essential for AIG, we have held the long-standing commitment of making sure that our clients are better informed, more prepared, and more competitive. Our focus goes beyond common aspects and we offer more than just results. We provide actionable insights and critical information about the settings where our clients operate that determine their success or failure.

We help clients address uncertainty and speed up their decision making.

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  • Corporate intelligence
  • Partner monitoring
  • External intelligence department