Cybersecurity is a challenge that is growing exponentially. It requires the best technological solutions along with the top analysts and specialists.

In light of this, we have created a specific Security Operations Center (SOC) that focuses exclusively on surveillance services, events management, risk management, incident response plans, early warning systems, delegated administration, monitoring, strategic consulting and many other advanced security services for your proposals.

Our comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions provides end-to-end network protection. Instead of merely transporting bytes, networks are able to understand the information they carry so as to guarantee and protect its delivery.


Cybersecurity is the new set of mechanisms aimed at making our cyberspace presence secure. As opposed to traditional security, which addresses the medium (the network), cybersecurity covers “the Things” and how they are used. This makes the modes of transportation secure and also integrates the users and components that rely on cyber services.

We are immersed in the third industrial revolution, the one referred to as digitalization or digital transformation. This revolution has been primarily driven by four technologies: social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing. Like any social transformation, it is based on three essential elements: people, processes and tools/technologies.

Our information protection and security solutions:

  • Perimeter security
  • Protection against advanced threats
  • Data center security
  • Content security

Our data center and digital transformation solutions:

  • Converged infrastructure and data center
  • Management and orchestration
  • Cloud services
  • Monitoring